10 Days renovation challenge taken by Workpixie and the results are just amazing.

Ashok, Vijaya Classic, Vijaya Bank Colony, Bannergatta Road

Interior Design has always been a class to showcase an individual personality. It drives the energy to the visitor’s no matter whether it is a Commercial Interior Design, Home Interior Design or an Office Interior Design. WORKPIXIE Design Solutions is keen on understanding client requirements and create a unique design accordingly.

One of our clients named Mr Ashok had requirements for a quick renovation. Hearing their requirements we got so indulge that we went ahead and finalized the project. And now it was time for us to show some magic. As always we took some time to deep think the layout, approached for 3d structure and got the design ready in no time.

Our expert team went for a false ceiling to add glory to the house. The client was clear with their requirements and told us not to change the seatings. Keeping the seatings untouched, Workpixie had a great challenge to bring up a completely renovated space to them. We finalized the colors, keeping space in mind and the glamour’s look on the wall which contrasted the entertainment unit with lovely texture painting.

To make a house look great it is crucial to plan the following things perfectly:

i) Lightings: Lightings can add up a lot to interior design. With proper lighting placement, one can feel a comfortable environment. For us lightings enhance the aesthetic appeal to the room. 

ii) Color Scheme: As things are upgrading, client taste is also changing. We need to set the right color scheme that blends with customer personality also with the latest trends. Color scheme helps in setting the right mood and ambience to the environment.

iii) Space Management: Space management goes hand to hand with lightings and color schemes. To have everything aligned with the designs is what brings the livelihood in the house.

iv) Furniture placement: Furniture is not meant to be just purchased and put in a vacant space. As an interior designer, we think the purpose of what the furniture serves. It adds the simplicity in daily routine for an individual. 

Thus, these were the most important elements that we always keep in mind while hearing client requirements. We are proud and happy that we can serve our best as people are appreciating our work. We are also happy to work with such a client that makes the work smooth by getting all their requirements right before the beginning of a project. 

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